Was a guest on the Dutch talk show of 'Eva Jinek' (RTL4)
As seen on the Dutch TV series 'De Erfgenaam' ['The Heir']
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Klaas Zondervan

- Klaas Zondervan, Esq.

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  The Dutch. Who hasn't heard of them...
We're famous for reclaiming land and building large water structures, for inventing the microscope, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and for our Master Painters.

  But we're also globe-trotters, the famous navy of the Dutch Republic sailing the seven seas as early as 1581 a.D. No wonder that many of us have set out for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

  Emigrated Dutch people or their descendants often find themselves in a position where they may have a claim towards a Dutch estate. 
"The uncle that left for Australia and was never heard from again". Or close relatives who find themselves on opposite sides of the pond, seemingly unable to settle the estate of their parent together while remaining in good health.
  It is these people that we often represent, acting as a mediator or a buffer, looking out for their legal interests, because it's their heritage.

Do you stand to inherit from a Dutch estate? Allow us to assist you.